Medical device incubator

BGP-Medical is a medical device incubator focused on assisting physician inventors with novel concepts for minimally invasive medical devices. BGP-Medical provides the project leadership, industry expertise and resources to bring these concepts to market as new products. Strong emphasis is placed on projects providing cost-effective treatment options for peripheral, cardiovascular and oncological disease states.

BGP-Medical offers a unique risk-sharing partnership program and a myriad of services designed to assist physicians through every phase of the product development process, enabling entrepreneurs to benefit without upfront costs or out-of-pocket expenses. BGP-Medical team members exchange product development services in return for equity in physician-conceived projects. As a result of this unique risk-sharing business model, BGP-Medical is often in a position to take on new projects that larger companies might reject. This is possible because organizational costs are kept low while focus on new product development remains high. As a result, virtually all resources are focused on activities that yield improved products, quicker vendor response times and ultimately greater value to the physician.


‘s …unique approach to product development is designed to address the needs of physician entrepreneurs.  Every step in the development process is taken to protect and enhance the value of the intellectual property and medical device concepts.

…works with the inventor to determine the specific needs of each project, identifying the most appropriate development partners. As a result of this team approach, the inventor personally shares in the added value upon the sale or license of the enhanced intellectual property.

…provides an important service to both physician clients and the medical device community by rapidly advancing the product development process and drastically reducing the time it takes to bring new devices to market.  Let us show you how they can help make your medical device concept a reality.